1600 years post-Delphi, amidst the enigmatic Harz Mountains shrouded in legends, emerges the globe's very first public oracle: THE ORACLE OF MÄGDESPRUNG.

Landscape, tradition, architecture, myths and fairy tales, the history of the Harz Mountains and the former Mägdesprung ironworks all combine to create a European place of inspiration and contemplation.

MÄGDESPRUNG wird ein ganz besonderer Kulturort mit Ausstellungen, Konzerten, Theater, Variete, Festen, Restaurant, Ateliers und dem ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG.
We still have major challenges ahead of us.

We are building an amazing place which you will definitely leave enriched!

Work camps have been taking place in Mägdesprung every month since Pentecost 2021. workcamps in Mägdesprung statt.

KUNSTWELT KULTUREREIGNISSE e.V., Mägdesprung is the support association for THE ORACLE OF MÄGDESPRUNG and organizes various art events in this context.

We warmly invite you to be part of the vision.


Jede letzte Woche im Monat findet ein Workcamp zur weiteren Gestaltung des ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG statt.

Every last week of the month there is a work camp to further design the ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG.

Das nächste Workcamp findet von Freitag, den 19. bis Sonntag, den 28. Juli 2024 in Mägdesprung statt. August Workcamp findet vom 19. bis 31. statt. Interessierte bitte bald Bescheid geben.

The next workcamp will take place from Friday July 19th to Sunday July 28th, 2024 in Mägdesprung. The August Workcamp will take place between the 19th and the 31st. If you are interested, please let us know soon.