An installation about the end of the age of modern man. A sign for mindfulness and ecological change!

MÄGDESPRUNG bears the scars of ancient and recent history in a special way. MOUNT ARTIFACT addresses the ecological challenges of our time using the example of Mägdesprung.

Mägdesprung also tells a story of the rape of nature and culture. The climax was the sell-off of the former Mägdesprung ironworks after reunification in 1989 and its subsequent sale to illegal waste management dealers, who "disposed" of tons of industrial waste in the open spaces, in and between the buildings of Mägdesprung.

Bags of industrial waste (plastic parts for electronic elements)

In May 2019, the Berlin-based company ArteFakt bought the former Mägdesprung ironworks and has been breathing new life into the almost abandoned site ever since.

Tradition and history should define Mägdesprung's future. Buildings to be saved will be renovated according to historical specifications in consultation with the conservation authorities. Innovative recycling, responsible and sustainable use of nature and raw materials are core elements of the new approach to Mägdesprung.
All parts of Mägdesprung's history are made visible and form the new, vivid MÄGDESPRUNG (see also MÄGDESPRUNG).

Art as a reminder and warning

MOUNT ARTIFACT transforms a part of the non-toxic industrial waste dumped in Mägdesprung into a memorial to the Anthropocene.

Other parts of the waste are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner on a monthly basis. This can take several years. Parallel to disposal, parts of the industrial waste are piled up to a mountain and transformed. ...

Found objects (plastic waste from the automotive industry)

The idea for MOUNT ARTIFACT -


A tunnel leads into the mountain to a fictitious archaeological site. Visitors see the excavated remains of the last people, including their last belongings (ARTIFACTS). The excavations have not yet been completed ...
The cave chamber is a fictitious last dwelling inhabited by humans, approx. 36 square meters in size. It offers space for up to 10 visitors at a time. The chamber has a separate entrance and exit which look like mining tunnels and are illuminated in the usual way.

The chamber is a geodesic sphere, which is often used in visions of space technology. The ceilings and walls are decorated with industrial waste from Mägdesprung. They are reminiscent of cave paintings and visions of the future.

Design: Ronald Dick, Augsburg

MOUNT ARTIFACT – "ask the age of waste"

offers the opportunity to be an example of how people treat their environment, their home, and at the same time to present research into sustainability and environmental protection.
In particular, MOUNT ARTIFACT is intended to offer a field of activity to educational institutions such as schools and universities, research institutes and companies that are concerned with the sustainable use of resources and alternatives to waste management.
At the same time MOUNT ARTIFACT invites tourists into the field of tension between great history, the beauty of nature and architecture and radical human carelessness. MOUNT ARTIFACT resolves the often experienced powerlessness and helplessness and encourages proactive action to strengthen awareness and the sensitive treatment of our environment and to promote people- and nature-friendly alternatives.

Bags of plastic connectors from the electronics industry

Found object from Mägdesprung from the ANTHROPOCENE

MOUNT ARTIFACT - MEMORIAL OF THE ANTHROPOCENE so far is, other than DAS ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG, just an idea that is still seeking approval and support from politicians and the administration. Write us if you need more information, want to support the idea or can contribute ideas yourself.

Ask for information here: CONTACT (subject: MOUNT ARTIFACT).

Concept: Bonger Voges, Berlin
Drafts: Christoph Simons, Hannover und Ronald Dick, Augsburg


Jede letzte Woche im Monat findet ein Workcamp zur weiteren Gestaltung des ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG statt.

Every last week of the month there is a work camp to further design the ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG.

Das nächste Workcamp findet von Freitag, den 19. bis Sonntag, den 28. Juli 2024 in Mägdesprung statt. August Workcamp findet vom 19. bis 31. statt. Interessierte bitte bald Bescheid geben.

The next workcamp will take place from Friday July 19th to Sunday July 28th, 2024 in Mägdesprung. The August Workcamp will take place between the 19th and the 31st. If you are interested, please let us know soon.