1600 post-Delphi, amidst the enigmatic Harz Mountains shrouded in legends, emerges the globe's very first public oracle: DAS ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG - The Iron Crown of Harz.

DAS ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG beckons, urging you to voice your intimate queries. It aids in honing your focus, instilling a sense of lightness and joy in confronting your questions. This oracle champions your individual journey and your sovereign, liberated will.

Engraving of Mägdesprung around 1870


wind through the art village of Mägdesprung and nearby woods, leading to the vast 5000 sq.m realms of the oracle, both external and internal.

The inner district can be walked around in three rounds. 64 birch trees form the outer ring, 24 symbolic towers (7m high) form the second ring, the walkable 4 meter high, 2.5 meter deep, mighty IRON CROWN forms the third ring. The 28-metre diameter oracle courtyard forms the magical center of the installation, the climax of the journey to the answers ...

Nocturnal oracle. Shadow cast by the model of Christoph Simons

DAS ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG invites you to ask personal questions.

Visitors can playfully work out their answers via the magical guided tour inside the oracle. It is a place for introspection, contemplation, vision, clarification, enlightenment and decision-making.

  • It makes you want to joyfully confront yourself, helps you solve personal questions and offers playful communication with yourself and others.
  • It strengthens us as responsible people, our intuition and personal decision-making power by triggering our inner knowledge.
  • It encourages people to discover new perspectives and to be touched by wisdom - a living symbol of knowledge, diversity, tolerance and joie de vivre.
  • DAS ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG is an interdenominational, playful and philosophical project that connects people and cultures.
  • It is an arena and stage of knowledge surrounded by the legendary nature of the Harz Mountains.

Paths of the inner contemplation lead through the art village of Mägdesprung and through the nearby woods to the 5000 square meter outer and inner areas of the ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG.

In the outer oracle district, the "Place of Doubt" (draft version)

Green circle: Inner oracle district / Marked paths: Parts of the outer district (Graphic: Ronald Dick)


Encircled by 64 birches and 24 imposing seven-meter symbol towers, a primordial arena emerges: 4m tall, 2.5m deep, spanning 33m in diameter — the Iron Crown of Harz. As you are mystically guided into the heart of the oracle, pathways to solutions and answers unveil.

Model of DAS ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG by Christoph Simons

DAS ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG seamlessly weaves the history of the former Mägdesprung ironworks with the Harz's myths, fairy tales, and global traditions.

DAS ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG embodies Harz, yet is European, and transcends borders, becoming international.

Greeting card from the Harz Mountains (1920s)

Model of a symbol tower (height 7m)

DAS ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG is open to everyone and offers:

  • Visits possible day and night, 6 days a week
  • Professional productions individually tailored to your questions
  • Guided tours on the history, architecture, myths and fairy tales of the Harz Mountains
  • Mägdesprung Summer Festival with the production by Bonger Voges "THE ORACLE" (up to 500 people)

Monthly held workcamps and art events accompany the project.

Participants Workcamp 08/2022

The ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG combines various research projects. We are looking for co-researchers on the following topics: Myths and fairy tales of the Harz, half-timbered architecture, industrial history of the Harz, light art and technology, sustainability and the environment.

Presentation to students of the Institute of Landscape Architecture, TU Braunschweig

DAS ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG MÄGDESPRUNG is an integral part of the budding Art Village of Mägdesprung. Annually, the oracle anticipates 20,000 to 40,000 visitors. By 2028, DAS ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG shall reach its completion – perhaps, with your gracious assistance.


Your generous donations will aid in the construction of DAS ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG!

Click here to go to support the association KUNSTWELT KULTUREREIGNISSE e.V. Mägdesprung. DAS ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG would not have got this far without the contribution of many helpers, associations, institutions and companies.

Das orakel von Mägdesprung

Idea, concept, production: Bonger Voges, Berlin

Stage design, drafts, realisation: Christoph Simons, Hanover

Treasurer: Isabel Henze, Garbsen

Site management: Patrick Riemer, Leipzig

Graphic Design: Sina Otto / Jojo Leuschner, Berlin

Website: Karlo Walz, Moritz Reichardt, Berlin

Plans, design drawings: Christoph Simons, Hanover / Ronald Dick, architect, Augsburg

Art drawings I Ching: Helge Leiberg, Berlin

Painting Mägdesprung: Charlotte Christine Gruder, Berlin

Members, helpers and assistants see:
Photos: Sina Otto, Karlo Walz


Jede letzte Woche im Monat findet ein Workcamp zur weiteren Gestaltung des ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG statt.

Every last week of the month there is a work camp to further design the ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG.

Das nächste Workcamp findet von Freitag, den 19. bis Sonntag, den 28. Juli 2024 in Mägdesprung statt. August Workcamp findet vom 19. bis 31. statt. Interessierte bitte bald Bescheid geben.

The next workcamp will take place from Friday July 19th to Sunday July 28th, 2024 in Mägdesprung. The August Workcamp will take place between the 19th and the 31st. If you are interested, please let us know soon.