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Kunstwelt Kulturereignisse e.V.
Chairman of Board: Bonger Voges
Untere Kreisstrasse 13
06943 Mägdesprung


How to get to MÄGDESPRUNG:

By bus or train: By train to Quedlinburg (e.g.: Harz Express) continue with Narrow-gauge railway of Harz , (Selketalbahn) to Mägdesprung station or by bus line 242 starting at Quedlinburg. From the south: Take the train to Sangerhausen > continue on bus route 460 to Wippra > from Wippra take bus route 242 to Mägdesprung.

The historic narrow-gauge railway, Selketalbahn, from Quedlinburg to Mägdesprung connects many other places in the Harz Mountains to the Brocken.

By car from the north: highway A 36 > exit direction Harzgerode > take L242 to Gernrode > on B185 to Mägdesprung. From the south: Highway A 38 > exit Berga/Stolberg > on L 236 through Rottleberode, Schwenda to Auerberg > continue on L 235 to crossroad with B 242 to Alexisbad > on B 242 through Alexisbad to Mägdesprung.

Parking spaces are available on site. For larger events, please use the large car park 2 km away at the entrance to Alexisbad (two stops by bus or the Selketalbahn or, if announced, use our shuttle service to Mägdesprung. There is also a beautiful hiking trail along the railway tracks.

Hotels and guesthouses are available in various categories in Alexisbad and the surrounding area. Early booking is recommended.


Mägdesprung in the Harz Mountains

Historical postcard: Mägdesprung railway station

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Kunstwelt Kulturereignisse e.V.
Harzsparkasse IBAN: DE93 8105 2000 0901 0890 28
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Jede letzte Woche im Monat findet ein Workcamp zur weiteren Gestaltung des ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG statt.

Every last week of the month there is a work camp to further design the ORAKEL VON MÄGDESPRUNG.

Das nächste Workcamp findet von Freitag, den 19. bis Sonntag, den 28. Juli 2024 in Mägdesprung statt. August Workcamp findet vom 19. bis 31. statt. Interessierte bitte bald Bescheid geben.

The next workcamp will take place from Friday July 19th to Sunday July 28th, 2024 in Mägdesprung. The August Workcamp will take place between the 19th and the 31st. If you are interested, please let us know soon.